Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Last Time I Lied

Suspenseful with a twist I didn't see coming. Imagine a literary version of the cheesy cult classic, "Sleepaway Camp" and you get this thriller. While it starts slow and you really question the narrator's reliability, it quickly picks up steam when Emma returns to the camp that rocked her childhood and changed the course of her life forever. The camp was closed down the summer that Emma attended when the three other girls in her cabin disappeared without a trace. As an adult Emma has resorted to using art to treat her depression and doubt, and art is precisely the reason she's returned back to the camp. She's been offered a job as the art instructor for the camp and she's determined to uncover the truth of what happened that fateful summer. Where did her cabin mates go? Did she have a hand in their disappearances, however unintentionally? A great summer read!

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