Thursday, August 23, 2018

Suicide Club

Fresh and inventive, Suicide Club was an interesting take on the quest for immortality and eternal youth. In the near future, America is on the cusp of immortality. Lifers now live to be nearly 300 years old and word is that soon, death will be eliminated. Lea Kirino has nearly perfect genes, with the right treatments, she can live far longer than most of her peers. Her first century has passed by in a blur, from a strict regimen of nutrients, supplements, and exercise, and government directives. Everything is going along swimmingly; she has her perfect job, fiance, apartment, and body. While walking to work one day she thinks she see her long lost father and crosses the street to get him. When she comes to, she realizes that she's been hit. The government has placed her on "observation" because they are convinced that she's trying to kill herself. Lea is initially furious, she wasn't trying to get into that awful club where lifers (those with great genes) find atrocious ways to kill themselves (so their bodies can't heal). But once she starts going to WeCovery and rediscovers her father, she starts to suspect that their is something her perfect life is missing. Different, dark, and beautifully written. This book will appeal to many readers.

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