Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The May Queen Murders

Cool concept, slightly creepy, and amazing setting, but this wasn't a slam dunk for me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it and read it mostly in one sitting, but the ending was too intricate and over-involved for my taste. Rowan's Glen is an odd little community, almost cultish in their old beliefs and attitudes, but really, more old world and secluded. Ivy and her best friend Heather, have never had any secrets between them, but overnight that practically changes. Heather starts seeing someone and sneaking off with townies and Ivy gets concerned. Especially when mutilated animal corpses are becoming a common occurrence and the legend of Birch Markle re-surges. Many years ago the May Day queen was viciously murdered by the unstable madman Birch, and for years Glen folks have thought he had retreated into the woods for good. But when the mutilated animal carcasses appear, bad omens come, and Heather disappears, many believe he has come back for good. Ivy is determined to figure out what's going on, save her friend, and stay alive. Dark and creepy, this was a fun book to read at night. I wish I loved it more.

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