Sunday, July 10, 2016


I LOVED this book. Dr. Vincent Di Maio may have been a smidge too cocky for my taste, which, by rights, he probably should be  because he's had one hell of a career, but it was a little off-putting at moments. Besides that, this book was dark and intriguing; I learned so much about forensic pathologists, the difference between medical examiners and coroners, how evidence is collected and what it can tell. Dr. Di Maio's expertise is so great in his field that he often gets called t look at high profile deaths and determine the cause of death. He was on hand for the Trayvon Martin case, the nurse killer, the West Memphis Three, and lots of other murders/ suicides /accidents that you may not have heard of. He breaks down the outline of what happened leading up to the person or persons died and then details how he determined the cause of death. It's fascinating. As he says, "I don't autopsy people. I autopsy bodies. A person is something alive and vibrant and different. Bodies are just what they leave behind." A must read for those who love dark, macabre, and sensational cases.

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