Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Very interesting concept that challenges the readers notion of beauty and how society shapes our opinions on what is beautiful and ugly. In this teen dystopian novel, Tally is getting ready to turn 16, the age where she'll finally be given the surgery to transform her from an ugly to pretty, she can hardly wait. Her best friend has already made the transformation and is waiting for her in New Pretty while she's stuck in Uglyville all by herself. A few weeks before her surgery she meets a new friend who tells her that beyond New Pretty Town and Uglyville there is a town where uglies live in peace without ever undergoing the surgery to become pretty. Tally can't understand why anyone would ever want to remain ugly but after Shay runs away, she in confronted with some very hard truths and a very hard decision. Betray her new friend or stay ugly forever?

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