Friday, March 25, 2016

Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend

Books like this defy description. I was immediately drawn to the bizarre title and even more bizarre description. How could I not read something so crazy?! There have been a lot of teen werewolf and vampire romances (i.e. paranormal romance) but there have been little to none inter-specie's romance for teen readers. Young adults need not look further! Shiels, a nerdy, over accomplished braniac finds herself spiraling out of control her senior year in high school when a pterodactyl named Pyke comes to school. "An endangered life, a rare spirit, newly arrived from the great beyond." She finds herself oddly infatuated with him and her relationship with her boyfriend and her studies start to go to the wayside as she finds herself dreaming about Pyke's beak and other anatomy. At the school dance she boogies her way onto the stage where Pyke's band is performing and wrangle dances with him on stage in front of the entire student body. After that incident her nose is turned purple and she feels more in tune with the pterodactyl than ever, her high school likfe is about to get a lot more complicated. Why? "Because they had seen the real her, stripped of her title, her costumes, her armor, her aura - they had seen her in the wrangle dance, another of Pyke's girls. Chosen by him, marked by him, slave to him." Absurd, bizarre, and insane. I don't even know what to feel about this book.

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