Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The North Water

If Cormac McCarthy, The Revenant, and Moby Dick had a love child it would most definitely be this book. Set in the 18th century this book follows Henry Drax, evil as the day as long, and Patrick Sumner, an opiate addicted ex-army surgeon, as they set off on a waling mission from England. Both have secrets to hide and obstacles to overcome, little do they know that this whaling voyage is going to take a dark brutal turn. Filled with bloody graphic descriptions of sodomy, harpooning, seal slaughter, and mutiny, this is not a tale for the queasy or light hearted. Everything that can go wrong does and it's a tale of survival and wits. Meticulously researched this book sucks you into a darker past and doesn't loosen its grip until the end. Impossible to put down this gritty, fast paced, historical drama is a must read for fans of Cormac McCarthy, Moby Dick, and historical survival dramas.

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