Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lock In

I was due for a good sci-fi read and this was perfect!! I fell in love with the story from the beginning. John Scalzi did an amazing job world building and bringing to life this novel of the near future. A disease has been ravaging the globe for years and it's side effects are horrific. Those who don't die from Hadens are either locked in their bodies unable to move (like in a coma but with a fully functioning brain) during the third stage or are able to become integrators in the second (able to let people locked in have control of their bodies). Millions of people worldwide have become locked in throughout the past two decades but thankfully research has helped those people by creating threeps, robots that can be controlled by the mind of threes (which allows them to be a part of the world) and by training integrators. All that is about to change though when the government decides to cut off funding. Rookie FBI Agent Chris Shane (a Haden's survivor using a threep) partners up with Agent Vann and together they must solve some fishy murders as it relates to Haden's research. Interesting, compelling, and impossible to put down, this is a must read!!

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