Tuesday, April 28, 2015


The cover of this graphic novel inspired me to pick it up, it's truly eye catching! I was able to read it in it's entirety over my lunch hour. Bandette is the story of a masked thief (I'm assuming she's in her teens or early twenties, her age is never referenced) who enjoys stealing priceless treasures, helping catch bad guys, and hanging with her buddies and dog. Her rivals and enemies are memorable and her banter with them is beyond witty. Whenever she is outnumbered or in a tight spot all Bandette has to do is press her "panic button" and her friends (ballerinas, baseball players, and her "boyfriend" the thai delivery man with the sweet vespa)  come running. It's a cute, light hearted read that is geared for teens but younger kids may enjoy as well (light swearing is the only "bad thing"). I look forward to checking more of these humorous volumes as they're published. Truly refreshing.

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