Friday, March 27, 2015

Mansfield Park

Decidedly my least favorite of Jane Austen's novels. Fanny Price may be level-headed, but her weak, shy, awkward attitude failed to win me over. As the eldest daughter of many in a poor household, she was whisked away at age ten to live at her rich aunt's house as a ward. Always made to feel inferior, Fanny passes the time being timid, meek, and always ready to lend a hand. The four cousins she lives with pay her no mind, save Edmund, who takes her under his wing. When she reaches her eighteenth year she is introduced to all of her cousin's friends and is reluctantly allowed to be a part of their society. Fanny decides to become an excellent wallflower and never really pursues friendship with anyone. When Maria is married and Julia off in London, one of the neighbors and friends of her cousins, Mary, begrudgingly takes her in as a confident, beings as there is no other ladies to socialize with. At this time, Mary's brother becomes obsessed with Fanny and tries too woo her. But Fanny rejects all his advances because, while being a perfect wallflower, she saw his actions and manner towards her cousins and thought it very un-gentlemanly. At this time, dear Edmund decides that he might be in love with Maria, but he is disappointed that she looks down on the clergy, a career path that he will soon be undertaking. What are Fanny and Edmund to do? Is love obvious?

Not a bad read, but it definitely starts off slow and I wasn't in love with any of the characters. I wish Fanny had been a little stronger.

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