Saturday, March 14, 2015

Allingham: The Long Journey Home

The thrilling conclusion to the Allingham series packs in an insane amount of action and intrigue. Marshall Allingham has lost everything; his beloved wife has died and he can no longer function. He retreats to a shack on a peach orchard and lives the life of a deranged hermit. Convinced that he can communicate with the ghost of his wife and other deceased men, he separates himself off from society at a time when they need him most. An all out ranch war is engulfing their town. Bodies are piling up and everyone is pointing fingers at one another. One of the ranch owners sends for tough New York cop, Stosh Gorski, to come and investigate since Allingham is too indisposed to be any help. As the problems and bodies pile up, Stosh can only hope that Allingham will come to his senses because if he's going to end the ranch war, he's going to need all the help he can get. Filled with beloved characters from the rest of the series, Rosario, Old Pop, Pierce, the Irish brothers and more, readers will delight in the conclusion to this wild, rollicking, western series.

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