Monday, March 9, 2015


I could not put this book down, I LOVED it! I enjoy reading fairy tale adaptations and "Cinder" is hands down the most exciting and inventive version of Cinderella I have ever read, hands down! The story opens in an apocalyptic future of Earth. After the fourth World War every continent merged to form huge provinces, there are five Earthen provinces and one Lunar colony. Technology has evolved to support hovercrafts, net-screens, androids and cyborgs. Young Cinder lives with her stepmother and two sisters, but she has NOTHING in common with them. She is a cyborg. Orphaned at eleven her stepfather took her in but was then tragically killed. Cinder is forced to work as a mechanic to support her "family" but all that changes when the prince stops by her stall and her stepsister is infected with the plague. Suddenly, everything in Cinder's small world is thrown off kilter and she must overcome everyone's prejudices about cyborgs and prove that she matters. Fantastic, unique, and well worth a read. I cannot wait to read the rest of the series!

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