Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Station Eleven

This will definitely have a place on my shelf as one of my favorite post-apocalyptic literary novels (nothing will ever beat Stephen King's "The Stand" tho). Everything in this book was beautifully crafted and deftly tied together, it's really a marvel. It all begins one night at a theater in Toronto, the lead, a famous actor playing King Lear, falls dead in the middle of a performance and it seems to mark the beginning of the end. Soon after an apocalyptic flu sweeps the globe killing nearly everyone (99.99999999%) ten, fifteen, and twenty years later some survivors begin to suspect that their paths may be linked in ways that they could never have imagined. Arthur Leander, the famous actor portraying King Lear, had an impact on others that lasted far longer than his acting career and celebrity. This moving novel takes the reader back in forth in time and tells the stories of those that survived the pandemic and forged on. It's truly a gem.

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