Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In Real Life

An insightful and quick read for fans of graphic novels, gaming, and the global economy. I literally read this bad boy in about half an hour. It's wonderfully illustrated (Sarge looks just like Madame Medusa from "The Rescuers," it's awesome!) and it will get teens (and maybe adults) thinking about politics, economics, and what constitutes right and wrong. Anda joins Coarsegold online, an online rpg, that she quickly becomes obsessed with. She makes new friends and quickly moves her way up the ranks (or rather levels) and befriends a gold farmer, a person who illegally harvests treasures in the game to sell them for real money. Things aren't as black and white though she soon realizes. The person behind the gold farmer is a kid her age in China who works 14+ hours a day in this game just to make ends meet. It's a thought provoking read about the "who" behind our games, clothes, and other items. Not to be missed.

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