Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Part memoir, part essay, part humorous anecdotes, this lively audiobook narrated by the author herself is a must for any fan of Tina Fey or comedic books. I literally laughed out loud multiple times listening to this, it was too funny not to. Tina Fey regales listeners with stories of growing up, her father, her heritage, working at Saturday Night Live, her honeymoon, being a mother, 30 Rock, and Sarah Palin. There is something in this for everyone. As far as audiobooks go, this one is fairly short, clocking in at only 5 discs, this is due in part to the hilarious fast paced narration of Tina. Even though it's funny, Tina also does a great job of tackling serious issues such as sexism, politics, motherhood, and more. She's not just funny, she's got brains too!! This is a must listen. I can't imagine anyone not liking this!

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