Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Broken Monsters

Wow, I haven't read anything this dark and gritty in a while. From the get go this book locks it jaws on you and won't let go. Even if you want to put it down you can't, it's gripping and haunting and you have to find out what in the world is going on!

The story is told through a variety of narrators; a police detective, her teenaged daughter, an out on his luck writer, the sadistic killer, and a homeless man. All their personal versions of events make the story somehow more horrific as they come to terms with the horrors they are encountering. The story opens with the discovery of a dead child in Detroit, more specifically, half of a dead child, his other half has been replaced with half of a deer.  From their the story gets more twisted, as the cops try to solve the case more "bodies" keep turning up. It seems as if the killer is trying to make his mark by leaving his weird pieces of dead body art around Detroit for people to "admire."

Dark and absorbing, this book will keep you captivated and you may find yourself sleeping with the lights on.

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