Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Mango Season

I loved this book! And it made me soo soo hungry for Indian food!! Growing up I had a close family friend who was South Indian and I loved going to her house and immersing myself in her culture: the food, the Bollywood movies, the spices, the saris, the colors, everything! Since then, I've always had a curiosity and insatiable appetite for all things Indian and this book definitely whet my appetite again!

The story follows Priya, a twenty seven year old women, who is going back to India for the first time in seven years to meet her family. Little do they know that she is engaged to an American, Priya plans on breaking the news to them if she can muster the courage. Once back she gets immersed in the family politics and the dramas, and is anxious to leave. But it is mango season and there is pickling to be done so she must tough it out with her family and hope for the best. Can she tell them about her fiance? Will it break their hearts?

Great book, peppered with recipes and good humor. A perfect book club pick :)

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