Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wolf Songs: The Classic Collection of Writing about Wolves

Prior to reading this I had no real thoughts about the wolf. The wolf was just a character is many of the stories I've read over my life: Little Read Riding Hood, werewolf novels, etc. They are always portrayed as cunning, vicious creatures that kill off livestock and children. This small collection of short stories and essays brings to life another story. Wolves are smart, loyal, integral to our environment and thanks to years of misunderstanding and free reign of hunters, they are close to extinction. Most states have less than 50 wolves left and what few that have survived have to fear angry farmers and hot head hunters. This collection puts together another side of the coin, by showing just how majestic and smart they are it begs the reader to question: why are criminalizing these animals. An eye opening and beautiful collection. I for one will never look at wolves the same again.

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