Friday, July 4, 2014

All Fall Down

This isn't the first book I've ever read on addiction, but for being a work of fiction, I thought it was one of the most honest I've ever read. Aubrey is a normal person. Granted her life is a little hectic, she's a mother to a very sensitive five year old, she spends about sixty hours a week blogging, has a father with alzeheimers, and is constantly wondering what is wrong with her marriage. Little by little these things start to add up and as they do the little pills her doctor gave her for medical problems start to multiply and take over her life. At first the pills start to make her feel better, to cope with the stress of her life. However, it doesn't take long for them to take over her mental and emotional state. What started as one or two pills a day has turned into 15 or 30 Oxycontins, Percocets, or Vicodins just to be able to function. Aubrey realizes that things are starting to get out of control and tells herself that once she's done dealing with all the stress she'll start to cut back. Inevitably, like the title suggests, all fall down. This is a story of addiction, denial, heartbreak, and the crushing truth that addiction comes in all forms and can affect ANYBODY.

A great story that anyone with questions about addiction or the ramifications caused by it, should read. Definitely Jennifer Weiner's best book to date.

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