Thursday, June 13, 2013

Allingham: Desperate Ride

John Horst manages to once again bring to life a western drama that will leave readers wanting more. Not content to let lawmen, Allingham, get all the credit, Horst introduces a variety of new characters (as well as old ones) to seek justice and save the day.

Ramon la Garza is on the run after he kills a rude white rancher in self defense. Thad Hall is dead set on revenging his brother's killer and immediately sets off to find and kill Ramon. Allingham's right hand man, Hobbs and his hard headed Mexican wife, Rosalie, team up with Pierce (half brother to Thad and the murdered rancher) and Old Pop to track down and stop Thad before he catches up with Ramon. Allingham would have come along on the ride but he is stuck at home trying to find a gruesome serial killer who has been killing and mutilating red-headed prostitutes. The two stories are threaded together more than anyone can imagine and Hobbs and Allingham have their hands full trying to keep the peace.

In true western style, this book is a page turner as the reader desperately tries to predict the outcome (you won't!). Another great installment from John Horst :)

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