Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Death Cure

I did it! I finally finished "The Maze Runner" trilogy! Overall, it was a damn good violent young adult dystopian series and it kept you guessing til the very end. I highly recommend it!

This final novel opens with Thomas, Minho, Newt, Jorge, and Brenda escaping from the WICKED headquarters and literally trying to find a way to save the world from the flare. As usual however, things are not as they seem. They escape to a safe city (Denver) and soon find out that it isn't really safe after all and the flare is running rampant. Cranks soon take over the city and Thomas and the gang must decide if they want to trust and team up with "right arm" a group supposedly aimed at taking down WICKED. 

Per usual, James Dashner will have you flipping pages like crazy trying to discover what in the hell is really going on. This is easily up there with "The Hunger Games" (albeit more graphic, depressing, and violent). Read it already!

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