Friday, April 19, 2013

Audiobook Review for the Library Journal - Jasmine Nights

Gregson, Julia. Jasmine Nights. 13 CDs. unabridged 14 hours. Clipper Audio. ISBN
Set amid the chaos of the second World War, young Saba Tarcan, an amazingly talented singer performing for the troops in Africa, embarks upon a journey of newfound freedom, first love, and Middle Eastern adventure. She falls for charming RAF pilot, Dom, and together they learn the ups and downs of war, seperation, and anxiety. Saba soon realizes that entertaining the troops and her lover won't be her only mission. Does she follow her British commanders orders or does she follow her heart? Loosely based on stories of female entertainers being turned into unofficial spies, Julia Gregson does a masterful job of weaving intrigue, andventure, and Middle Eastern culture into a powerful tale. Julia Franklin does a wonderful job bringing the story to life using her wonderful British accents to bring the characters to life. Recommended for fans of historical fiction and romance. - Erin Cataldi. Franklin College. Franklin, IN

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