Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Sky is Yours

I was immediately drawn in by the cover. I mean my lord. It's eye catchingly beautiful! This book is set in a futuristic metropolis that is slowly dying out. The dragons have been in the sky for decades but the city truly lost hope when the firefighters mutinied and left their posts. Now fires run unchecked and only a few shell-shocked souls live behind. Duncan Ripple is from old money, the manor he lives in is far up on a cliff overlooking the metropolis and out of reach of the dragons. His wealthy father refuses to move, convinced that the city will eventually rise up for the ashes. His father is also convinced that Duncan needs to marry, so he is betrothed to a socialite hidden deep in the forest that he's never met. Before he makes it to his wedding night though, he encounters a feral young woman trapped out on a trash island and finds himself falling for her... or rather her body. This novel is a blend of science fiction, bodice rippers, and black humor. It's oddly satisfying, profoundly weird, and comes very close to being fulfilling. It fell a little flat for me, but I still enjoyed it. It's just not something I think I'd ever pick up again. 

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