Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Prince and the Dressmaker

This young adult graphic novel is a wonderful tale of discovering your true self, first love, style, art, family, and identity. Prince Sebastian has a secret, he likes to sneak out late at night and dress up in beautiful ballgowns as Lady Crystallia. Prince Sebastian's young new seamstress keeps his cross dressing secret and makes him the most stylish inventive new clothes and soon "Lady Crystallia" is the talk of the fashion world and the town. He wants to please his family but he's not ready for marriage and he knows they would die from shame if they discovered that he lives wearing women's clothes. Thankfully he can confide in his seamstress as she's also his best friend and only one of two people that know his secret. What could possibly go wrong? It's charming. A wonderful little fairy tale about acceptance and identity.

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