Saturday, February 24, 2018

State of Emergency

A teen zombie novel that focuses on the outbreak, rather than the aftermath. If you mixed Mike Mullin's teen survival book, "Ashfall," with "Night of the Living Dead," you would get this book. Five teens practically witness the birth of the outbreak, when a pop-star starts eating her crew. An overturned semi leaks toxins into the water and the outbreak starts slow, but seems to follow the teenagers where-ever they go. Every-time they think they're safe, a hoard catches up with them. At first only Dallas and Sam truly grasp what's going on, but soon their companions agree that this is more than a passing sickness, this is a full blown zombie attack. They decide to go to Dallas' Uncles cabin retreat which is surrounded by fences and operates on solar power. They could definitely survive the apocalypse there they think. The only problem is trying to get there in one piece! A quick, readable teen book full of hilarity, adventure, and death.

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