Monday, February 19, 2018

Lincoln in the Bardo

I wanted to like this one more, I really did. I toughed it out but I didn't love it. The story line is complex and chaotic, the audio book having over 160 narrators, which lends to some confusion. The cast is great and comprises of Nick Offerman, David Sedaris, the author and many other notables but it gets so muddled down at parts. I kept finding my attention wandering. Lincoln in the Bardo takes place on a single night (although to me it felt like weeks) in a graveyard. The Civil War is just kicking off but Abe Lincoln has more on his mind then that. His eleven year old son, Willy has died and is being laid to rest. Willy stuck stuck between life and beyond must contend with ghosts and spirits warring over his soul and trying to influence his father in the land of the living. Along with the dialogue from the spirits is a historical tract that follows the Lincolns in their hour of despair. I really really wish I would have loved this. Such a neat concept and great cast of narrators on the audiobook.

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