Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Light My Fire

In high school I was a huge fan of The Doors and Jim Morrison's poetry, but I never really knew much about them. I knew that Morrison died young under mysterious circumstances and I liked the psychedelic beat they had, but I had never even seen the Oliver Stone movie version. Reading this book was enlightening. It's a memoir from the drummer of The Doors, Ray. He recounts his childhood, the forming of the band, and it's fast road to success. It's mainly about his relationship with Jim, the iconic front leader and superstar. It's well written, flows nicely, and tells of the group dynamics (or lack thereof sometimes) and only occasionally goes into bitter rants about Oliver Stone (he portrays Morrison as a raging selfish drink in his movie and Ray takes offense). Included are some pictures, some funny stories, behind the scenes on some of their most popular songs, and some truly deep insight. All around good music biography. It's honest, heartfelt, and got some serious groove.

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