Sunday, April 30, 2017

American Gods

Though it's size may be intimidating, this book was even better the second time I read it. Honestly, I liked it the first time I read it six years ago, but this time I really LOVED it! I kept seeing all the new trailers for the Starz TV adaptation and I knew that I had to re-read this before I saw it. The concept of this book is just insanely bad-ass. What happened to all the old gods that immigrants brought to America for thousands of years? They brought their beliefs, religions, and gods and slowly they stopped believing; trapping their old gods here. They're slowly dying out with no one to believe in them and they have a new enemy, the new american gods; greed, media, technology, etc. Shadow (a human) gets enlisted to help Mr. Wednesday as an errand boy and finds out more then he ever bargained for. He will help the old gods prepare to standoff against the new gods. Wonderful, witty, clever, and fucking brilliant. I love this book so much. I hope the show does it justice!

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