Thursday, April 27, 2017

Everything Everything

Even for a teen book, I found this too cliche, unbelievable, and over the top. Madeline has lived her entire life in her home (complete with an air lock  and air filtration system) only having contact with her nurse and her mother. She suffers from a rare disease (skid) that makes her deathly sick to nearly everything so she must remain in her little bubble. Generally pretty content for a cloistered 18 year old, everything changes when she spies a new family moving in across the street. She falls head over heels for the hot neighbor boy and soon window gestures turn into IM'ing and eventually to secret visits while her mom is at work. The only thing Maddie has left to break is her heart, what is she doing?!?! Small twist at the end but you can pretty much see exactly where this book is headed. I don't even have any desire to see the movie.

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