Monday, October 3, 2022

Other Birds

Beautiful, enchanting, and engrossing - this sweet book of neighbors, ghosts, and fresh starts was perfect to get me in the mood for Halloween. Slightly paranormal but mostly human drama, Other Birds details the people tied to The Dellawisp, a fun and funky set of townhomes set on Mallow Island. When eighteen year old, Zoey moves into her apartment she immediately sets about getting to know her neighbors. Zoey is looking for a fresh start and the only thing of real value she brought with her is her invisible bird named Pigeon. The living inhabitants of The Dellawisp are Charlotte - a young woman in her twenties who does Henna and seems to be hiding from the world, Lizabeth - a loud angry woman doesn't want anyone or anything making any noise on the property, Lucy - the reclusive older sister of Lizabeth who no one ever sees, Mac - the red headed chef who is nice to look at, and Frasier - the property manager. Each resident has their own ghosts (whether they realize it or not) but the closer they get to each other the less they need their ghosts. A fun and unique story.

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