Thursday, October 13, 2022

Empty Smiles

A solid ending to this series that is genuinely creepy at moments. I wish the book were a little longer though - it felt rushed at the end and was just... over. I was not mentally prepared for that because there was still sixty pages left in the book so I thought I had a lot more story left, alas those extra pages were just excerpts from the first 3 books. Empty Smiles is about reuniting the gang and getting Ollie away from the Smiling Man who has her captive. Every day Ollie is trapped on a train that turns into a carnival whenever they arrive at a new location. During the day the carnival seems fine, but at night the clowns hunt. When the carnival reaches Ollie's hometown her friends will have a chance to rescue her... if they dare. Fun, great concept, but too short for me. I want more! Can this series continue when the kids get into high school?

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