Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Ranger's Odyssey

A middle grade fantasy about living up to family legacies and discovering inner strength and ambition. Mara was your average nerdy teenager, she loved playing Dungeons and Dragons with her dad and younger sister so imagine her surprise when she wakes up the day after her birthday to a strange and fantastical land. She discovers that her father had grown up here and was a ranger (leader) so she has big shoes to fill if she would like to fulfill the prophecy. Initially Mara was overwhelmed and daunted, but she decides that she is up the challenge and decides to follow her father's footsteps. In order to do that she must go on a quest and complete certain challenges to prove that she is worthy. With new friends and family on her side she forges out to create her own destiny. Full of fantastical creatures, lands, and customs; this immersive fantasy adventure is simple yet engaging and will leave readers wanting more! The first book in a trilogy. 

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