Friday, April 22, 2022

Painter of the Dunes

Prior to reading this book I had never heard of Frank Virgil Dudley and I did not know about the conservation efforts behind the dunes either. Painter of the Dunes is both a biography and a quick history of the Indiana Dunes for young readers. It is filled with gorgeous paintings and photos that bring both Dudley's paintings and views of the Dunes. The writing style of the book was great, I just would have enjoyed it a lot more if it had been a little more comprehensive of his life. So much was left out, glossed over, or only mentioned in passing. If you want to learn more about his family life or children, look elsewhere - the biography aspect only discusses his life as an artist and enthusiast of the Dunes. I would have also liked a little more about the Dunes - I grew up in the region and have always been fascinated by them. MY final "beef" with the book is that it could have used some more editing (quite a few spelling errors or incomplete sentences) and it was missing over 30 pages. An entire section was repeated twice and then the book just picks up 30 pages later, very unfortunate. 

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