Monday, April 11, 2022

A Curse of Gold


A fun sequel that I enjoyed even more than the first installment. King Midas' daughter, Kora, must find a way to defeat Dionysus (the god who cursed her father and as a result forever changed her) before he comes to their kingdom and attacks them again. Her father is weak and a myriad of beasts have started attacking the kingdom trying to attack Kora. She sets out with her lover, Royce the admiral of her father's fleet, in order to find Triton, a god who can lead them to Dionysus' hidden island. Along the way they encounter gods, monsters, and other horrible creatures and must stay alive using their wits and a half formed plan. Lovers of mythology will delight in this young adult adventure novel. Readers will want to know, are there more books in this series forthcoming?!

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