Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Razorblade Tears

Wow - this book was raw, gritty, redemptive, and angry. I loved it. Ultimately sad, this revenge story is about two fathers, one black and one white, who team up to avenge their sons deaths. Their sons were married to each other, a fact that both of the men had a hard time stomaching while their boys were alive. But now that their sons have been brutally murdered they must come to terms with their own actions and get to the bottom of why someone would want to kill them. Ike and Buddy Lee are both rough around the edges. Both have served hard time and know their way around a guns and death. But is that what their sons would have wanted? Are they just trying to make amends for the way they treated their sons while they were alive? A book I can't stop thinking about. Fast paced and action packed. 

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