Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Breath to Bear

The satisfying rock and roll follow up to Blood and Bone. Filled with romance, betrayal, regrets, and hard rock - this follow up will leave readers more than satisfied. Blood and Bone focused on Jack O'Donnell's past; the rise of his famous band MOGO, the birth of his child, his divorce, and the death of Mia- the muse that he loved. Journalist, Erin Langford, helped him dig into the past as a way to heal and in the process wrote a bestselling memoir. Breath to Bear picks up on the heels of the memoir's success and delves into Jack and Erin's relationship. Is it more than just sex? Is Jack STILL hanging on to Mia? Romantic, maddening, and hopeful, this steamy romance is about redemption and the things you'll do for the ones you'll love. Some things are worth fighting for as Jack and Erin finally realize.

It looks as if there are more books to come in this series and the third installment will focus on Jack's bandmate, Cash, and his interest in Erin's friend. Perfect for fans of Daisy Jones and the Six, romance, and hard rock. Lots of fun. 

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