Monday, December 13, 2021

Dear Santa

A perfectly fine and fluffy Christmas romance about getting everything you wanted and then realizing you asked for too much. Lindy Carmichael is happy for two weeks in her hometown with her parents over Christmas but that is about all she's grateful for. She's had an awful 6 months in Seattle and all she wants is a break. Her mom instantly knows something is wrong and Lindy spills her guts. To cheer her up, her mother brings out a box of Lindy's old letters to Santa. Santa was really good about granting her wishes too. Just for fun Lindy decides to write to Santa. She wants a new romance, a new best friend, and to get her project selected at work. It's all for fun, but then she reconnects with her old childhood best friend. And then she stumbles across a bully from her youth and dang he's aged well. Soon her time is flying by and she's grateful for everything. But what will happen if Santa grants her third wish? Cheesy, predictable and cute. Would make a great Hallmark movie. 

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