Wednesday, April 21, 2021

People We Meet on Vacation

The second I saw Emily Henry was coming out with a new book I knew I had to own it. And boy, she did not disappoint!! People We Meet on Vacation is a love letter/tribute to When Harry Met Sally (which makes me love it even a teensy bit more). It's the story of two friends, Poppy and Alex, and the summers they share. These oddballs met in college and were instantly best friends. They get each other's jokes and mannerisms; they just make sense together. Poppy is more than a little bit in love with him (a fact she will hardly admit to herself) but she's not willing to risk her friendship with Alex. She NEEDS him in her life - even if that's just as a friend. Since college they've always gone on a summer trip together - many years, that's the only time they see each other since Poppy moved to New York City and he stayed in Ohio. The story alternates between all their previous trips all the way up to the current summer. The banter between the two is electric and laugh out loud funny. You can also cut the sexual tension with a knife. This is the book of the summer!

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