Friday, April 9, 2021

Not That I Could Tell

My sister summed it up best - this book is underwhelming. One Saturday evening a bunch of ladies in the neighborhood get together for drinks around the firepit. The baby monitors reach out that far and the wine is flowing. Life is good. Or so it is until Monday afternoon when they discover that Kristin and her twin girls have disappeared. These women were the last to see Kristin. It looks as if bags were hastily packed and money withdrawn - but no one knows where they went. Or is it a red herring. Her soon to be ex-husband seems to be the culprit, but is he? Why does he keep hanging around - did he kill them or did they get away? There is suspense and intrigue - but when you get to the end *spoiler* there is no big plot twist or surprise. Everything is as it seems... what's so thrilling about that? 

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