Monday, April 19, 2021


First off - the narrator was fantastic - I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book. Secondly - I love Stephen King and I really enjoyed that he tied a coming of age story, with crime noir, and a touch of the supernatural. It hit all the right notes. It's the mid 1970s and when Devin Jones takes a summer job at Joyland, an East Coast amusement park - he doesn't realize how much his life is about to change. He's a college student going through his first real heartbreak and a change of scenery is just the ticket. The fortune teller tries to warn him of a shadow and of two kids, but nobody believes that old fraud - especially not Devin. Devin immerses himself with the carnie lingo, new friends, and the stories about a "haunted" ride where a young woman was killed a few years prior. This is a summer he will never forget. Classic - Stephen King - a must read for all. 

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