Saturday, February 20, 2021

Dreams Rekindled

A wonderful follow up to the Christian historical romance, Out of the Embers, that helps round out the quiet, quaint, and quintessential Texas town of Mesquite Springs. Readers don't need to have read the first book as this novel follows an entirely different person, Wyatt's younger sister, Dorothy. While her brother and his new wife are out honeymooning, Dorothy has taken over running the town's only restaurant, Polly's Place. While there she meets Brandon, a newcomer to town determined to start a newspaper. Dorothy loves writing and soon she's won over Brandon and has become invaluable to the little newspaper. What they don't realize is that another newcomer to town is out to start trouble, and the newspaper and their budding relationship are in for a rude awakening. Filled with well rounded and vulnerable characters - Dreams Rekindled shows how forgiveness and taking chances ultimately pave the way toward unity and love. Another great inspirational read from Amanda Cabot. 

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