Monday, June 1, 2020

What Momma Left Behind

Worie is going to have to learn to fend for herself quick. She's 17, unmarried, and her mother has just killed herself. Her father is dead, one brother is a drunk and in jail, and the other brother is an evil snake. She's going to have to learn how to take of herself and her small house and plot of land in the Appalachian mountain community. She soon realizes that some may have it worse than her. As typhoid and the influenza spread through the mountains many children are left orphaned and starving. Worie may be the only person capable and willing to take them under her wing. She at least has reliable neighbors who can help out; but when one of her good for nothing brothers comes storming back into the picture things are about to become even more complicated. Fans of inspirational historical fiction will enjoy this unique look into the hard living of mountain people and their unwavering faith amidst unbelievable tragedies.

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