Sunday, June 14, 2020

One Corpse Too Many

As an avid fan of the Masterpiece Theater series, I was excited to finally read this bad boy. This was always my favorite episode because it introduced my man, Hugh Beringer. There is something soothing wholesome and educational about medieval mysteries and this series is the best of the best. Brother Cadfael used to be a man about the world and served in the crusades, but these days he's much more content in his herb garden. Things in the world are more hectic than ever and the battle between Queen Maude and King Stephen as they fight for the throne is literally outside the gates. When Kind Stephen takes over he kills all the rebels, but when the monks go to give the poor traitors a christian burial they discover one extra body among the hanged. Who killed him and why? Brother Cadfael takes it upon himself to avenge this poor wretch whose death was not ordered by the king. Fabulous storytelling and an amazing setting!

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