Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Dead Letters

Ugh - was not a fan. Premise started ok but then quickly veered into the absurd. And it didn't help that this was one of those books that has ZERO likable characters. Not a redeemable one. Ava and Zelda are twins born into an alcoholic, vineyard owning family. Their dad walks out when their teenagers and their home life gets even more tumultuous. Ava is always the reserved responsible one and Zelda is easy-going, carefree and seeks out trouble. After college the two have a falling out and Ava flees to France for grad school. When Ava receives the call that her sister died in a barn fire she doesn't believe if for a second. Zelda is up to her old tricks and Ava is going to play her stupid morbid game. When Ava starts receiving emails from Zelda's email account - sh knows it's only a matter of time before she beats her at her own game. Dark, disturbing, and hard to feel pity for any of these shallow characters.

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