Tuesday, January 21, 2020


I read this from start to finish in one day! I couldn't put the damn thing down. I was instantly riveted by the concept of "false memory syndrome" and how it had the potential to practically destroy the world. Helena builds a chair that will help capture memories of people suffering from dementia and Alzheimers, only the chair is far more powerful then she realizes. Used in a certain way, the chair is capable of more than memory or memory alteration, it can change the concept of reality. I don't want to give too much away; but imagine Minority Report mixed with Groundhog Day, mixed with Tuck Everlasting. It's one of the most unique concepts and plotlines I've read in a LONG time. I was very meh to read this, but I was so mistaken. This is a must read; one that will blow your mind and leave you feeling queasy anytime you experience the sensation on deja vu. One of a kind thrill ride!

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