Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Off Kilter

A quick cozy mystery set in Scotland and starring a likable American named Eden, who is "just on holiday" to work on her romance novel. Of course things get off to a rocky start. Vicky, the woman she sat by on a plane was going back to the village to bury her father and happens to be embroiled in a family feud as her father left her everything and her half siblings nothing. As Vicky never really lived in this village (her parents having split when she was younger), the whole town sides with her half siblings (who actually lived in the village), leaving Vicky friendless. Thank god she met Eden on the plane! The two hit it off and are as thick as thieves. But then they discover a body and they're both suspects. Did Vicky do it? Or did her angry half siblings commit the murder and try to pin it on her? Slightly predictable, with some twists and turns, lots of Scottish food and tea, and beautiful scenery. Everything you want out of a nice cozy mystery. This is the first in a series.

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