Monday, February 25, 2019


I really enjoyed the concept of this graphic novel! It's medieval with elements of the supernatural and different cultural tidbits from around the world. Lady Poppy is a princess in the kingdom of Harbeny, her father just died and her spot in court is uncertain. She's not close to sitting on the throne, her father had many wives and children, but someone seems determined to murder her and she isn't in the least sure why. Thankfully, she has her sleepless knight and adorable little fox to keep her safe. Cyrenic, her knight, took a vow of sleeplessness in order to watch over Poppy day and knight, and with all the turmoil, he's never been more watchful. unfortunately, his vow is catching up with him, he hasn't slept in years, and his mind is starting to drift. The only thing he is certain of is his love and undying service to Poppy. Wonderfully illustrated and written. I cannot wait for the next installment!!!!

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