Tuesday, February 12, 2019


AHHH! Very rarely are follow up books as good as the first one, but Gemina is amazing, possibly even better than the first one! I can't decide! Seriously soo good, these teenage space opera action packed, romance laced book is food for the soul. Gemina picks up the story from Illuminae, but with a new cast of characters. Instead of being aboard the space shuttle Hypatia, Nic and Hanna are on the wormhole station, Heimdall. Which is just where Hypatia is headed. Hanna is the spoiled brat of the commander and Nic is drug dealing gang dealer. But there is much more to them then meets the eye. When a series of terrifying events throw them together, they learn to look past the surface, because in order to thwart Bei Tech industries they're going to have to work together. Things are only going to get worse. One hell of a follow up and ends on a cliffhanger. I need the third book now!!

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