Friday, February 15, 2019

Flowers in the Attic

Man, what a classic. It is a little weird coming back to this book. I don't think I've picked it up since middle school and it didn't disappoint. Although, reading it with adult eyes..... even ickier then I remember. Basically, if you're one of the five people who haven't read this book, the premise of the book is a mother (Corrine) is trying to get back into her father's good graces after she was disowned by him for marrying her half uncle. They had a very happy marriage and had four kids, but after an accident that leaves her a widow, she has no money, nowhere to go, and no way to support her kids. Corrine's mother knows about the kids but her father does not (he would be beyond disgusted if he discovered children were born out of an incestuous relationship), the mother finally relents to give the grieving family a place to live. The only catch is, they can't let the grandfather know! The good thing is, they live in a mansion; the kids can run around in the attic and the grandmother sneaks them food everyday. They bad news is they have to hide up there until the grandfather dies. Corrine is convinced she can get back into her father's good graces and inherit everything and then she and the kids can live like kings. He just can't know about the kids! He's in bad health and should die any day. It seems like an okay plan. At first. But as the months drag by and the kids are stuck trying to make a life living in the attic, they start to realize that no amount of money is worth having to live like they are. They miss the breeze, the grass, the fresh air, and the freedom to run. Their mother is slowly changing and they don't know how to hold onto their sanity. At first she visits them twice a day. Then once. Then every few days. Then every few months. The years pass. How much can the kids take? Slowly but surely, incestuous thought begin to take place between the oldest two kids. Will the cycle never end?!?!

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