Sunday, January 27, 2019

Me and My Girl

Impossible to put down, this fast paced romantic suspense ends with a major cliffhanger that will leave readers waiting breathlessly for more. Me and My Girl centers on Matise and her best friend Jordan. Matise has had feelings for Jordan for years but she is convinced that he would only see her as a friend. Because of that she locks down her heart and buries her feelings. When she discovers that Jordan is engaged, Matise blows her top. She didn't even know he was seeing anyone! Convinced that this girl must be a ho after his money and not his heart Matise vows to put an end to their relationship, but against her better judgement she discovers that she actually likes his fiance. Resigned to the fact that her one true love is going to get married off (at least it's too a cool chick), she decides to make her booty call of six months an official boyfriend. Isaiah is hot and the sex is to die for.  Matise decides that Isaiah will help her get over Jordan and who knows, she just may catch real feelings for him. Not all ends well though; Jordan's fiance and Isaiah may have some dark secrets of their own. Fun, sexy, and full of intrigue.

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